Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Quotable Theonomy: John Calvin writes to Renée de France about Criminalizing the Mass

"For not only among all the Churches which have received the Evangel, but in the judgment of private individuals, this article is quite agreed on, that the abomination of the mass must not continue. And to that effect Capito, who is one of those who set themselves to moderate the zeal of others in these matters, has written a book of late, which he has dedicated to the King of England, wherein he teaches that it is the duty of Christian princes to abolish in their country such execrable idolatry, if they wish to do their duty as might be expected of them. There is, in short, in our day, no man of any renown who is not quite agreed on that point."
--John Calvin, in a letter to Renée de France, Duchess of Ferrara and supporter of the Protestant Reformation 

Cited in Jules Bonnet,
Letters of John Calvin (Philadelphia, PA: Presbyterian Board of Publication, 1858), 304.

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