Thursday, December 20, 2012

Father of Murdered Columbine Student Takes Responsibility for Sending Him to a Public School


Anonymous said...

I was sceptical about the utility of this video before watching it. I have to admit, that I have "issues" with the sensationalism of some of these productions. However, having listened to it, I have to confess that its message was entirely correct.

You cannot teach Darwinism as a fact, and then be surprised when people act in accordance with its tenets. If the theory of survival of the fittest is correct, then you cannot be surprised when people decide to act in accordance with it and slaughter the weak. Besides, if there is no God (and the atheist public schools pretend there is not), then there is no basis for morality. If there is no morality, then how can we condemn people for killing each other.

Michael Moore has argued that Jesus Christ teaches that a society is judged by how it treats its weakest members. I agree (and I think Mr Moore has pointed out many evils in society, notwithstanding his gross errors on homosexuality and other matters). There is, however, a rather large problem: this notion of protecting the weak and vulnerable is completely inconsistent with the Darwinism and atheism that is taught in public schools. The answer, therefore, is not banning guns, as that would only be papering over the cracks at best (at worst it is an act of tyranny which leaves people powerless before tyrants). Instead the answer is banning Darwinism, atheism and nihilism from the schools and replacing such theories with Christianity, man's creation in the image of God, and the Divine law.

Steve C. Halbrook said...

Well said. The notion of parents sending their children--whom God has charged parents with educating and protecting--to complete strangers to have their minds molded for 12 or more years of their lives is insane, and doubly so when considering the anti-Christian worldview being taught.

If public schools were banned, we wouldn't have this problem to begin with; it is harder for mass murderers to murder several children at once when they are not in a centralized location.

Aside from the sporadic physical murder that occurs in public schools, there is the non-stop spiritual murder via humanistic indoctrination, which is much, much worse ...