Thursday, December 6, 2012

2013 Family Economics & Discipleship Mega Conference

With Western Economies on Unsteady Ground, It’s Now or Never.
The economies of the world around us rise and fall, corporations come and go. As the debt loads of Western nations reach skyrocketing proportions, the future of our macro-economy can look a little bleak. But we are hopeful and excited about the future of the family economy. Families around America are beginning to see the vision for work and economics that existed for over 4,000 years – family-based production in the context of the household. Forget about world GDP, population implosion, or the CPI for just a moment, and consider the power of a family unit knit together in relationship, love, and honor—all diligently working toward the single goal of being productive for the kingdom of God.

The Opportunity for Relationship and Discipleship
You’ve heard about family-based education (commonly called homeschooling or home discipleship). Many families have seen the disintegration of family relationships over the last few decades and responded by integrating relationship and character into their home and their children’s lives. But what about the 80% or more of real life not directly connected to classroom learning? What about your family’s work, your budget, your finances, your higher education and vocational training, your health care, your inheritance, and your overall financial vision? Does your family have a unified, integrated vision for where you will be in 5, 10, and 20 years from now? Will you be able to accomplish that together? Family Economics takes the next step in incorporating a Biblical vision for the family’s economics on all levels, and seeks to practically equip families across America with the steps to build their household-based economy, one family at a time.

While politicians are positioning for power and bankers scheme on the future of the world financial markets, we’re preparing families to grab a hammer and anvil and forge a fruitful household economy for the kingdom of God! This is the vision that you will find at our Family Economics conferences held around the country every year, and we believe it couldn’t come at a better time. Register now at to lock in the early-bird rate. 


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