Friday, September 28, 2012

Quotable Theonomy: The Applicability of Matthew 5:17-19 to Civil Law (Alfred the Great)

"These are judgments which Almighty God Himself spoke to Moses and commanded him to keep. Now, since the Lord's only begotten Son our God and healing Christ has come to Middle Earth — He said that He did not come to break nor to forbid these commandments but to approve them well, and to teach them with all mildheartedness and lowlymindedness." 

--King Alfred the Great on Matthew 5:17-19 providing the basis for including Old Testament civil law in his theonomic civil code, The Code of Alfred.


Cited from Francis Nigel Lee, King Alfred the Great and our Common Law (Brisbane, Australia: Queensland Presbyterian Theological Seminary, 2000), 7.

Note: we do not necessarily endorse all of the theology of those quoted in the Quotable Theonomy series.


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