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Interested in Engaging in Christian Reconstruction in South Sudan?

Interested in engaging in Christian Reconstruction in South Sudan?

A while back, Geoffrey Botkin visited South Sudan and has become involved with reconstructing it with the word of God. He is also inviting fellow Christians to aid in this reconstruction in various capacities via his site Battle for Civilization

The following excerpt from this site gives a glimpse of the current situation in South Sudan, and what is at stake:
The battle is on for the survival of South Sudan in East Africa. Much of the world is already writing her obituary. “African nations are ungovernable by anyone.” “African men are too childish or lazy to be civilized.” “African men are completely incapable of building nations.”

Wrong. Observers have been writing excuses for African failure for a century, and getting it wrong because they do not understand these two creations of God: men and nations. What is true about men and nations? What does it take to build a nation? What does it mean to have a civilization? It’s true the African founders of South Sudan are building from almost nothing. But they have personal determination to construct a "Christian" nation. They have Bibles. It is true their chances of success are small because the battle for civilization is so intense. There are daily threats from all sides. The evil Omar al-Bashir is provoking another war through military assaults. There is hourly pressure from representatives of the Chinese military to let them run the nation’s affairs and economy. Bureaucrats from the United Nations insist that peace can only come through layers of UN programs. All three of these approaches involve different systems for building nations and destroying nations.
But African men possess all the same tools of dominion as any man made in God’s image. If they use these tools masterfully, they will build a mighty and lasting nation in South Sudan, and a free and mighty continent.

Below is some info gleaned from the Battle for Civilization site about how Christians can assist. In addition, for more info about the situation in South Sudan, and how Christians can help, listen to Kevin Swanson's interview with Geoffrey Botkin at the bottom of this post. 

Provide a tax-deductible donation
Your donation will strategically aid the ongoing research process, the sending of materials to Africa, necessary travel, in publicizing the findings, archiving the data, producing audio and DVD materials, announcing the ongoing needs, distributing specific tools, and tracking the process of nation-building in South Sudan.


Start a business in South Sudan
Write to Mary Akech Taban, the director of Private Sector Development in South Sudan and obtain the latest information about taxes, enterprise zones, incentives, customs, and any necessary licenses.

Contact info

Invest in Christian business owners
Current business opportunities include the building and managing of hospitality centers/biological research centers near Nimule National Park on the Nile, and the launching of family agricultural enterprises near the village Borongole.

Contact info

Live in the new nation for a season
Pioneering in the new nation is hard, risky, challenging, and much like it was in the early days of the American Colonies. But there are places where the example and contributions of an orderly family would benefit the new nation greatly.

Contact info

photo credit: © Bkaps / Wikimedia Commons (CC BY -SA 3.0)

Kevin Swanson interviews Geoffrey Botkin about the situation in South Sudan (April 4, 2012)

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