Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Quotable Theonomy: The Urgent need for Separation of Atheism and State (Mike Warren)

"Some people may still say, 'I still feel hesitant to endorse enforcement of God’s law by the State because when this was done in the past, it caused a lot of blood to be spilled over religious differences.'  If you want to compare Christian States with Atheists States, then the atheist position loses hundreds of times over.  In one century, the Twentieth Century, officially atheist states slaughtered over 100 million innocent people!  Stalin killed 10 million in his land reforms in the Ukraine.  Mao killed 50 million in his land reforms in China.  Pol Pot killed millions in the Cambodian killing fields.  Much of this was warfare directed against the civilian populace. ... 

"Atheists are still outraged that several hundred years ago some Puritans in Salem unjustly killed about 20 people before the town repented of its actions.  That’s barely worth noticing compared to the millions killed by Stalin, all with support of American Intelligentsia.  Judging by the number of lives unjustly snuffed out, separation of atheism and State is much more urgent than separation of Church and State."

-- Mike Warren, Lord of Soul and State: The Duty of Christians to Mix Politics and Religion (Christian Civilization, June 16, 2010). Retrieved August 8, 2012.


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