Friday, July 27, 2012

Free Live Demo: Disaster Communication for Churches (Scott Brown and Peter Bradrick)

Join Scott Brown and Peter Bradrick for a free, live webinar and live disaster-communication demo on Tuesday, July 31st at 8PM EST.

In an email, Scott Brown wrote: 

"Join Peter Bradrick and myself for a live video discussion webinar this coming Tuesday evening (7/31) at 8PM (EST). We will discuss how men and churches can go from sitting ducks waiting to be dazed and confused when crisis strikes, and become prepared leaders in the community, ready to protect their own families and respond with wisdom and mercy to neighbors in distress. During the webinar, we will be conducting a live demonstration of the disaster-communication tools built into the website.

"Our churches need to be full of men who don’t just assume that everything will be “OK” and that someone will take care of them, but who instead rise up, rally together, and honor God by being prepared to lead their families and communities even in adversity.

"Consider inviting your friends to join you, and tune in next Tuesday evening at 8PM (EST) to hear how you can become part of a growing network of Christian men around America who are taking back their responsibility to be prepared to lead when crisis strikes."

You can register for the event here.

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