Friday, May 25, 2012

The Christian Civil Ruler's Handbook (by Buddy Hanson)

  • Explains why biblical principles should be incorporated into the daily decisions and legislation by civil rulers
  • Answers to common objections regarding religion and politics
  • A multiple choice test (with answer key) on the U.S. Constitution
  • Get a copy for your civil rulers!

Home School & Worldview Discipleship Resources

For those who are looking for God’s PRESCRIPTION for how to improve culture, rather than a DESCRIPTION of how bad things are.

Table of Contents

  • What Does It Mean To Be A Christian Civil Ruler?
  • The Difference Between Conservative and Christian Civil Rulers
  • Christian Civil Ruler’s Self-Evaluation
  • “If the Lord is God, follow Him; But if Baal, follow him.”
  • All Law Is “Religious”
  • Are You A Practical Atheist?
  • Is “Compromising” or “Keeping Our Christian Convictions Hidden”
  • The Way God Wants Us To Act?
  • Is Jesus Culturally Irrelevant?
  • Church & State – Distinct Spheres, Related Mission
  • God’s Sovereignty
  • Dealing (Biblically) With Today’s Issues
  • Biblical Legislative Checklist
  • APPENDIX ONE --Answers To Common Objections

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