Monday, April 30, 2012

Le Monarchomaque - Blog on History, Law, Demography, and Education

Le Monarchomaque is a blog covering a wide range of issues such as history, demography, law, and education from a biblically theocentric perspective. Its inspiration are the militant Huguenots of the French Reformation, and its raison d'être is the furthering of protestant civilization.

The site is in French, but visitors should get a translate option.

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Durandal said...

By the way, "Don de Dieu Feray Valoir" is the motto of Quebec City (and it appears in the lower part of the coat of arms of that city). This motto comes from the "Don de Dieu" (Gift from God), which is the name of the vessel that the early Huguenot founders of New France used the most. I guess the Don de Dieu is for New France what the Mayflower is for New England.