Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Review of Kirk Cameron's "Monumental"

by Pat Necerato

To say I’m extremely excited about the message in this documentary is an understatement. I thought it was phenomenal.

For a couple reasons…

For one, the historical content was fantastic. The whole explanation of the “National Monument to the Forefathers” (or Pilgrim Monument) given by Dr. Marshall Foster revealed the biblical significance of each little detail in chilling explanation. (The Pilgrims engraved such things as Freedom, Tyranny Overthrown, Peace, Morality, Prophet, Evangelist, Law, Justice, Mercy, Education and Faith-the foundation of it all- with a sculpted figure to represent each one. Foster interpreted how each one related to their quest for a free society ruled by God. Amazing!)

A perfect picture of what a small group of people can do when they trust the Lord and persevere.

Two, (and why I’m jacked about this film for any other reason,) is the biblical worldview and underlying theology that Kirk expresses throughout.

The worldview conveyed in this film is highly optimistic to say the least. Say goodbye to the “get me outta here gospel of retreat” for sure. Say goodbye to “God’s law isn’t relevant for society anymore”. Say goodbye to the misunderstanding of “separation of church and state”. Whew…tough but important topics and misconceptions that have attributed greatly (in my opinion) to America’s moral, spiritual, and financial downfall over the years. (“But who cares about the world anyway, right? It’s a sinking ship.” Not in this documentary.)

I thank the Lord for Kirk’s boldness in sharing the ever so unpopular message of Christ ruling over all of life; family, civil, and personal (and everything in between), where His law is the ultimate standard and nothing else.

With all that said…I highly recommend that you make the time to see this film this weekend and support this work:

If America (and the world for that matter) can grasp the Kingship of Christ in the way that Kirk presented in this film, I believe God will do what He did through all of history when His remnant of people were faithful – give major victory against all odds and adversaries.


Alex Michael said...

Great review! Just as this review mentions, Kirk Cameron's optimism truly shown through each step of the movie. Plus, our favorite part of the movie was as well Marshall Foster's detailed discussion of each part of the monument. For the broad Christian community to hear that the Law-Word of God should be the foundation of our families and nation with an encouragement about families teaching their children (instead of the government schools), this could be a strong challenge to some underlying presuppositions. But this movie unapologetically presented that message!

We would like to personally thank Theonomy Resources for posting the trailer to this movie. It was 5:22pm on Tuesday when I saw the trailer on this site and then noticed the movie started at 5:30/8:30 in our town. Due to sickness in our family, I jumped in a car and made it to the theater by 5:32 and my wife and two of our daughters (not sick) went to the later show. In the end, if it hadn't been for Theonomy Resources posting the trailer we would have totally missed this.

For the King!

Steve C. Halbrook said...

That's great to hear! I was wondering if my posting the trailer at the time I did was a bit late; but I'm glad this wasn't the case. Thanks for letting me know. God bless.

polymathis said...

Strange. I must have seen a different movie:

Steve C. Halbrook said...

Regarding your comments "He assumes the churches of America just need more motivation, more obedience when in fact they need the Gospel":

The church needs both, so I agree to a certain point. There are many false converts in the church who indeed need to believe the Gospel.

However, God saves His people so that they can serve Him via obedience to His laws. I imagine there are many who believe the Gospel who are unfortunately antinomians in civil matters because they are untaught. What they need is not conversion (since they already are converted), but knowledge and obedience. (Granted, even those of us who are saved still need to regularly hear and meditate upon the glorious Gospel.)

The Puritans and Reformers, of course, were strong on both the Gospel and biblical civil law.

As for Glenn Beck, I agree with your condemnation of having him in the movie. What a monumental mistake! I wrote this a while back about the dangers of Glenn Beck