Monday, March 12, 2012

Mad Secular Science (Quick Apologetics)

Secular science, in opposing logic
and itself via its own criterion,
is mad.
(attribution: JJ at the English language
Wikipedia / CC BY -SA 3.0)
by Steve C. Halbrook

Secularists often gloat about being the most rational because only they (unlike, say, Christians) supposedly base all of their beliefs on science. For such secularists, true knowledge can only be demonstrated by science.

But this rules out the laws of logic, which cannot be proven by a scientific experiment. Laws of logic are immaterial; they cannot be verified by the senses. Thus (consistent) secular science, in opposing the laws of logic, is irrational. 

Moreover, the very statement that “knowledge is only attained by science" is self-refuting. For if knowledge is only attained by science, then for this statement to be true, it itself must be knowledge attained by science. 

But, no scientific experiment has ever proven that knowledge is only attained by science. Thus the statement 
“knowledge is only attained by science" opposes itself, as it really says, “Knowledge attained in a non-scientific way reveals that knowledge is only attained by science.”

Secular science, then, in opposing logic and itself via its own criterion is irrational, crazy; it is mad.

"Claiming to be wise, they became fools ..." (Romans 1:22)


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