Friday, December 16, 2011

How Should Christians Respond to the Life and Now the Death of Anti-Christian Polemicist Christopher Hitchens?

by Doug Phillips
He was probably the most famous anti-Christian of the last decade — a man who made his living scoffing at God and encouraging others to do the same. But now Vanity Fair writer and author of God is Not Great [sic, editor], Christopher Hitchens, is dead at the age of 62. He will be remembered by most for his sarcasm, biting wit, and ‘indefatigable energy and venomous glee” in the cause of atheism and various contrarian agendas.
Of his death, the world’s leading evolutionist, Richard Dawkins, author of *The God Delusion* [sic, editor] tweeted today: “Christopher Hitchens, finest orator of our time, fellow horseman, valiant fighter against all tyrants including God.”
But how should Christians respond to the life and death of one of our most capable public adversaries?

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Tony Konvalin said...

This should truly lead us to say, But for the grace of God go I. As it is only by His grace we are not as Hitchens. The truth is that Hitchens only verbalized what many God haters think or act out.