Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Christ Theological Seminary Presents Historical Theology Conference with Joe Morecraft

The History of Theology Modular

The History of Theology from the Early Church to Modern Times
(2000 years of theology)

January 9-13, 2012

Chalcedon Presbyterian Church
302 Pilgrim Mill Road
Cumming, GA

Joe Morecraft
"Some of the aspects of the development of Historical Theology we will hopefully study include:

"Early Church Councils; Heresies in the Early Church; Athanasius; Augustine; Columba; Anselm and The Atonement; Medieval Scholasticism; Roman Catholicism; Eastern Orthodoxy; Luther; Calvin; Viret; Knox; Bullinger; Covenant Theology; Reformed Scholasticism; English Puritanism; Scottish Presbyterianism; Synod of Dordt; Effects of the Enlightenment; Sacramental Theology; Barthianism; New Perspective On Paul; Eschatology

"What are the effects of all of these aspects on what we believe today? This course is relevant to all Christians today."

Course is open to all and free of charge/$300 for those who want credit from Christ Theological Seminary/Free for RPCUS ministerial candidates

For more details and to register, call 770-205-9390 or email zfleck@chalcedon.org

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