Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Belfast Covenanter on national submission to Christ and scripture

Thomas Houston
by Daniel F. N. Ritchie
Reformed Worldview Books
Reformed Covenanter

In a series of articles on religious establishments published in the Covenanter periodical, which was edited at the time by Thomas Houston of Knockbracken, we find this brief statement as to why it is the state’s duty to submit to Christ and obey his word: 
To a sincere believer in the Bible, there can be no question that the Lord Jesus Christ, in his Mediatorial character, has been exalted by the Father to the sovereignty of all worlds, and that the princes and potentates of the earth, being placed in subjection under him, are bound to yield to him an unreserved obedience.  Messiah is the rightful Governor among the nations – King of kings and Lord of lords – the Prince of the kings of the earth.  If this simple statement is admitted, and we see not how it can be refused, it must irresistibly follow, that the nations, as such, are bound to submit to Christ the Lord, and their rulers are indispensably required to frame their legislation on the basis of his Word, and regulate their lives according to its infallible directions.  Especially are a people professedly Christian solemnly required to act from a far higher principle than a mere worldly expediency, and to set the Saviour’s glory before them in all their public deeds – in choosing their rulers, in devising or executing laws, and in regulating the measure of subjection.  Should they overlook these fundamental maxims, and act in opposition to them, they will inevitably incur the Divine displeasure, and must bear the fearful consequences of rebellion against the Lord’s Anointed. 
Covenanter, Nov. 1831, p. 388.

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