Monday, October 10, 2011

Reformed Covenanter Returns

The blog of Daniel F. N. Ritchie (of Reformed Worldview Books), Reformed Covenanter, is back. On the blog's  new direction, Ritchie writes:
The vast majority of posts here will simply be historical quotes from writers in the Reformed tradition, with special emphasis upon Old Light Covenanter positions (covenanting, postmillennialism, theonomy, close-communion, political dissent, and so forth).  Due to a lack of time, I do not plan to write any posts myself and most of the posts will be taken from the archives of the Confessional Puritan Board or other venues where I originally posted them.  However, I do hope that readers will find the posts here informative and edifying.

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Anonymous said...

Praise the LORD! Thanks for sharing this very good news of another reformed voice in the blogosphere proclaiming the Crown Rights of Jesus Christ. :)