Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Order Geoffrey Botkin's Saturday Morning Mentoring Series

The recordings and slides from Geoffrey Botkin's 2010 Saturday Morning mentoring series can be purchased at Western Conservatory. We highly recommend this series; Botkin is a much-needed reformer in the area of biblical manhood, which has been hijacked by feminism. He does an excellent job articulating a Christian man's duties in serving the Lord Jesus Christ. 

(Those who have not heard Botkin before can get an idea of his wisdom as it relates to the family in his lecture "Applying the Sufficiency of Scripture in the Botkin Family" and in an interview with Kevin Swanson titled "A Two Hundred Year Vision" at Sermonaudio.)

From the site:
Hear Geoffrey share from Scripture and his own years of experience how to think and act like a Christian man amidst a culture which makes war on genuine manhood. These discussions will be extremely practical and interactive as men from across America bring their questions about their roles in work, husbanding, fatherhood, and the Church.
This download contains recordings and slides from all nine sessions:
    How to Defend the Faith by Loving Your Wife
    How to Defend the Faith by Leading Your Family
    How to Determine Your Life Mission
    How to Think Like a Christian
    What Will Your Estate Look Like in 2030
    The Reformation of a Broken Civilization
    Masculine Leadership at Home and in the Local Church
    Questions on Family, Church, and Nation
    The 200 Year Plan
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