Friday, October 7, 2011

New Geneva Launches Its On Campus Facility

On September 30th2011 New Geneva launched its educational facility with an open house to the community and interested parties.  New Geneva is a Christian Leadership College conferring 1, 2, and 4 year degrees in Applied Theology, targeting various majors and a seminary school in Reformed and Theonomic studies.

New Geneva’s goal is to equip students with the necessary academic tools so that they are able to logically apply those things learned in the real world. Without the application of God’s Law-Word to the culture, academics are a simple head scratching without any teeth behind it for cultural dominion. Thus, New Geneva is more than a Bible College; it is a Leadership Academy.

Among the many tracts of study New Geneva offers courses in Theology, Biblical Law, Constitutional Law, Constitutional Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Basic Philosophy, Art, Music, Science & Engineering, Apologetics, Worldview studies, Government studies, Education, Economics, Literature, Counseling, Communication, Christian character, History, an internship program and an art guild affiliation. The Ambassador’s School is New Geneva’s internship program and the Bezaleel Art Project is Geneva’s art guild.

All course tracts are tailored especially for each individual student which enables the student to get the most out of his or her studies. Most importantly New Geneva’s price structure is geared toward families who want a superior Christian education without the exorbitant price tag.

On Campus Or Correspondence

Although the majority of Geneva’s courses can be taken correspondence, or via video feed, there are those that wish to attend Geneva for a season depending on their schedule. Once on campus the student can share in a small college atmosphere, and one on one interaction with the professors and staff. Of the many benefits of on campus visitation, the facility houses a theological library of over 30,000 books, pdf documents, seminary lectures, and videos for the serious student, along with an art studio/gallery, music room, study and lecture halls, a microfiche viewing room, and a café complete with WiFi accessibility and a theological bookstore. All of these are accessible to our on campus students.

The Lounge & Study Area

While relatively small, equipped with WiFI accessibility, the downstairs lounge hosts a book store and café type setting for fellowship and study for both the student and the community. For a more secluded study atmosphere Geneva’s study hall and library are perfect settings for research, study and reading.

The Library and Microfiche Viewing Room

While Geneva’s library hosts over 30,000 books, documents, pdf , MP3 lectures and videos and is without a doubt the serious student’s dream, the Microfiche viewing room unique. With 5 full screen viewers this room houses thousands of primary source materials of the colonial era from 1600 to 1820 including all of New England’s Newspapers from the Puritan & Revolutionary period. This resource is priceless for the serious researcher.

The Art Studio

Of course God’s world includes His Glorious Creation. Art, therefore, must reflect the Master Artist or it is not really art. Geneva’s art courses teach and equip talented students to express the Glory of God in their artwork as a repudiation statement against the postmodern nonsense we see in the world of today.

The Music Course Tract

Geneva’s music tract teaches both the philosophy behind music from a Biblical viewpoint but also conducts chorale singing in English and other languages as well.

Modular Students

Students can remain on campus for any length of time. New Geneva does not have dorms but will assist in housing arrangements as needed.

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