Monday, September 19, 2011

Pat Robertson on Divorcing Alzheimer's Victims (Doug Phillips)

by Doug Phillips 

The eugenic mindset is this—when people become a burden or when they don’t meet the standard approved by the elite for human acceptability, simply dispose of them. The eugenic mindset plays upon the fears and selfishness of individuals. It emphasizes the financial strain and emotional cost of caring for the unlovely and burdensome. With serpent-like stealth, it appeals to “compassion” as a justification to abandon, deprive, and even kill those who are weak. It is the argument for pulling the plug on grandma, for food and water deprivation of the comatose trauma victim, and for letting the potentially brain-damaged preemie die. 

But today the discussion has reached a new level. And this time the argument has not come from the evil step-child of Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood, but from Evangelical leader Pat Robertson. There is no mention of course of eugenics, or the Bible, or any source other than the speaker’s feelings, but millions watching on television learned that husbands with wives who have Alzheimer’s should divorce their wives and “start fresh” because an Alzheimer victim is not really a person, for after all, “they are gone.”

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