Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Francis Cheynell: Teaching Damnable Heresy a Capital Crime

"He that by seducing seeks to thrust men away from the belief and worship of the only true God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, doth deserve to be punished for his very attempt and endeavour to subvert souls, though he doth not prevail with one soul to depart from God. Because he hath sought to thrust thee away from Jehovah thy God. Deut. 13.10. The very murtherous attempt to killing a soul by abusing and Ordinance of God, corrupting of Religion, telling lyes in the name of the Lord, fathering our own damnable lyes upon the holy Spirit, is a Capital crime. [...] Christians are in a worse condition then the Jews were, if men may seduce our wives and children into such opinions and practices as will certainly undo their souls to all eternity, and we must only intreat [sic] them not to seduce our friends to Hell, and the Christian Magistrate hath no power to punish these Soul-murthering seducers."

Francis Cheynell, The divine trinunity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit: or the blessed doctrine of the three coessential subsistents in the eternal Godhead without any confusion or division of the distinct subsistences, or multiplication of the most single and entire Godhead, acknowledged, believed, adored by Christians, in opposition to pagans, Jews, Mahumetans, blasphemous and antichristian hereticks, who say they are Christians, but are not (London, 1650), pp 479-80.

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