Tuesday, July 26, 2011

When voting in the next election, What’s the Big Deal about God’s Word being True?: Part 7

by Buddy Hanson

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A Biblical Legislative Checklist

1. Does the proposed legislation limit its regulations to the Jurisdiction of the Civil Government’s realm of keeping the peace, pursuing law-Breakers, and providing a defense against attack? ____ ____
2. Does the proposed legislation take us closer to God’s will (reducing spending, taxes, and services by eliminating or not funding an ungodly piece of legislation that is currently on the books)? ____ ____
3. Does the proposed legislation infringe on one or more of the other three realms of self-governing authority (Individual, Family, and/or Church)? ____ ____
4. Are there any amendments to the legislation that compromise its biblical warrant?  ____ ____
5. Since all civil government programs are funded by taxpayers, will this proposed legislation result in an increase of the civil government’s
spending (and taxes)?
____ ____
6. Will this legislation bring an area of civil government into compliance with Scripture? ____ ____
7. Does this proposed legislation reflect God’s opinion, rather than public
____ ____
8. Does this proposed legislation reflect the interests of the triune God of
Scripture, rather than man?
____ ____
9. Will this legislation reflect God's values, rather than man's values? ____ ____
10. Does the proposed legislation reflect God's intentions, rather than man's
____ ____

Hopefully this seven-part series on how to evaluate and select Christian civil rulers has given you some concrete ideas as you approach your next opportunity to vote (and make any decision). The authority of God’s Word must be our top priority because it is through His revealed counsel that we know how to carry out our service in God’s family and Christ’s Kingdom. I haven’t offered any “wiggle room” in our approach to Scripture because there isn’t any. It is of the utmost importance that we recognize that the cornerstone of our lifestyle is to submit to the authority of God’s objective counsel.

Since “the powers that be are ordained of God,” [1] our votes, if taken seriously and in accord with Scripture, will result in blessings from the hand of God, [2] but if we take our responsibility to vote according to God’s will lightly, God will raise up civil rulers who tyrannize us. As the apostle preaches, “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.” [3] Suggest to your pastor to hold a Saturday seminar for incumbents and candidates to learn how to fulfill their roles to honor God in their legislative duties. Invite your members also, as well as anyone else in the community who is serious about honoring God with their vote. This could develop into a valuable annual seminar for your community, and state.


      [1] Romans 13.1
     [2] Romans 13.4
     [3] Galatians 6.7

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