Monday, July 18, 2011

Take Part in Documentary Series on Biblical Betrothal

Kinetic Content is currently in the process of researching Biblical, Parental Directed Betrothal. It is in the hope of doing an unbiased, informative documentary series where we follow families (up to 4 different families) who are going through a betrothal.

About Kinetic Content: we are a fairly new company (have been around for less than a year) and focus on documentaries and docu-series for film and television. We are hoping to create a documentary series showcasing Biblical Betrothal as an alternative to today's mainstream dating trends.

Ideally, we would like to film each family during the most important betrothal steps along the way. We wouldn't be filming every single day, just the important moments that highlight the steps of the Biblical Betrothal process.

I would also like to mention that in return for allowing us to be part of these occasions, each couple we film with will receive $1,500 for each part that they are in. We are hoping to break the documentary into an 8 part documentary series. Ideally, we would love to have them featured in each of the 8 parts which could lead to a total of $12,000 appearance fee, or we will gladly donate that fee to a charity of their choice. Based on the personal nature of the story, we hope to provide a monetary thank you to those who end up helping us.

We are hoping to find either a respected television network to air it on or submit it to film festivals for independent distribution, but at that this point I'm still doing research, and I am hoping to be put in touch with families who are taking part in the betrothal process. If you have any resources, a newsletter, or know of any other families you can put us in touch with, any help would be greatly appreciated. We are also offering a $500 finder's fee to anyone who can direct us to a family that ends up participating. 

Dan Kolen
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von said...

How much do you know about these people? I was contacted by them.

Steve C. Halbrook said...

don't know much about them; here is their website

Durandal said...

I found the trailer burried in this blog post :

I can't find the documentary anywhere on the web.

I'm rather ambivalent about this betrothal model. It leaves both parties very vulnerable.

I would say that proponents of betrothal and proponents can both argue their position from sripture. Proponents of the can say that the betrothal model was instituted amongst the Hebrews and thus is more consistent with the Old Covenant, while proponents of the courtship model can say that it was one of the ceremonial ordinances peculiar to national Israel. Then the pro-betrothal can say that on the contrary, betrothal is part of the universal & perpetual moral law and that the only change brought by the New Covenant is the possibility of divorce. But then the pro-courtship can say that the very fact that divorce is now out not an option makes the ancient betrothal model similar to the courtship model since the betrothed Hebrews could willfully "divorce" and the modern courting Christians can willfully put a formal end to their courtship.

I am sure the Hebrews did not regard "divorces" made during betrothal the same way that they must have regarded divorces made during marriage.

Testimony from experience ? Betrothal didn't work for the Huguenots in Southern France in the XVIth century, whereas it visibly works for some Mennonites in North America today...

Obviously, the betrothal model can be forgotten as soon as both parents of either the man or the woman are non-Christians and/or dead.

However, I think that couples should make an official announcment in front of their assembly when they start courting, and that they publicly justify themselves in formt of their assembly if they stop courting. Be it betrothal or courting, it is not a private issue.

Vaughn Ohlman said...

I don't think that the courtship crowd can point to anything except worldly wisdom in support of their method, and I would disagree as to divorce.
Obviously a divorce during a betrothal has fewer issues (such as children) than one after the couple has come together physically. but Biblically it is just as serious a thing, just as much of a breach of covenant.

Durandal said...

Erratum :

« Proponents of the BETROTHAL MODEL can say that the betrothal model was instituted amongst the Hebrews »

« the pro-betrothal [...] the only change brought by the New Covenant is the (IM)possibility of divorce. »

Now, I do find that making christian courtship the successor model of biblical betrothal is somewhat uneasy.

I just read this article written by Greg Price which outlines on the articulation of courtship with betrothal, rather than opposing them :

Greg Price, however, does not present any scriptural basis for mandatory courtship. I would agree with Geoffrey Botkin, who explains in his "practical coutship" lecture that courtship is a Christian cultural construct consistent with the Bible, thus optionnal, though often beneficial...

Steve C. Halbrook said...

Without commenting on the betrothal issue, regarding divorce, I see Jesus upholding the law of Moses, instead of opposing it. Morecraft discusses this here

Vaughn Ohlman said...

And I would say it is a Christian cultural construct InConsistent with the Bible.

Vaughn Ohlman said...

On divorce I agree with Steve.

Vaughn Ohlman said...

>> Proponents of the BETROTHAL MODEL can say that the betrothal model was instituted amongst the Hebrews ...

by God. And long before the Hebrews.