Friday, July 15, 2011

The Reformation Party

"Every man has the duty to contribute to the dominion mandate (“have dominion ...over every living thing that moveth upon the earth” – Genesis 1:28), which necessarily includes political involvement.  As a practical matter, most men are involved in politics in some way, but the question is how.  Are they voting for and supporting political parties which involve political alliances with heretics and infidels?  (In the US, this would include such political parties as the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and even the Constitution Party.  For example, a significant portion of the Constitution Party is Mormon.)        

"If so, they are contributing to religious apostasy and calling down the wrath of God upon us, and contradicting the Biblical doctrines outlined in the original Westminster Standards and Three Forms of Unity, whether in ignorance or willfully. ... Can we really expect Arminians, Roman Catholics, Mormons, etc. to help in establishing reformed Christian government pleasing to God?"

Party Platform

1.  It is the duty of all men and institutions of men, including civil governments at every level and for every nation, tribe and tongue, to acknowledge the Biblical doctrines accurately summarized in the original Westminster Standards, and to suppress heresy, idolatry, and every other enemy of sound doctrine, appropriate to their station and calling.  This includes violations of both the first and second tables of the Ten Commandments.

2. It is the duty of civil governments at every level and in every nation to recognize and protect that church which adheres to the Biblical doctrines accurately summarized in the original Westminster Standards, and to be a nursing mother to that church.  And only male communicant members of that church should be allowed to vote or hold public office in civil government.

3.  It is our duty not to enter into unlawful oaths and unlawful confederacies with heretics and infidels for purposes of political expediency.


Anonymous said...

Well, I'll probably catch some flak for this, but I think this platform is a bit narrow for a political party. If one really wants to be a serious contender, one must be willing to be more open minded. I've been criticized for being a "political" Christian, but frankly, if God has given one political experience, shouldn't one use it for His glory? I am a member of the Christian Liberty Party and ask those interested in Explicitly Christian Politics to check it out.

Scott M. Head said...

Interesting. Sadly, I'd be excluded as a theonomic professor of the 1689 LBC.

Steve C. Halbrook said...

Scott and Angela,
I actually don' subscribe to the view that one must affirm all of the Westminster standards--I just thought it was an interesting resource to put out there. Perhaps they will refine that view in time--other than that, they have some good ideas. In my opinion, Christian parties should be willing to include all who hold to Reformed soteriology(and of course, other primary Christian doctrines and the party distinctives).

M.B. Billiodeaux said...

I love how the Westminster standards are nearly elevated to Scripture (sarcasm here) (but inside am really screaming).