Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Poll: What is the most important book on Theonomy (besides the Bible)?

Take and share the new Facebook poll which asks what the most important book on theonomy is (besides the Bible).

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Anonymous said...

I don't use Facebook so I hope you post the results on the blog.

Steve C. Halbrook said...

While the polls are ongoing, with no official stop date, I don't anticipate many more weighing in on this one. Current results are:

Rushdoony's Institutes 26 votes
Bahnsen's Theonomy in Christian Ethics 12 votes
Walking in the Law of the Lord by Bill Einwecther 2 votes
A Conquered Kingdom by Daniel Ritchie 1 vote
Calvin's Institutes 2 votes
Anything by Meredith Kline ??!!! 1 votes