Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Disputations on the Judicial Laws of Moses, Second Edition (by Johannes Piscator, translated by Adam Brink)

In this tour de force of Reformed political ethics, Johannes Piscator discusses the relevance of the Judicial Laws of Moses for Christian magistrates. This series of arguments originally appeared as an Appendix to his commentary on Exodus, and was recommended by George Gillespie (Scottish delegate to the Westminster Assembly) as helping to resolve scruples regarding the Judicial Laws of Moses.

The Second Edition includes appendices with positive citations of this work by Samuel Rutherford (Covenanter), Thomas Edwards (London City Presbyterian), Thomas Shepard (American Puritan and Founder of Harvard), Francis Cheynell (Westminster Divine) and George Gillespie (Covenanter). Gillespie states that this work helps to resolve doubts regarding the judicial laws of Moses in their modern applicability. 


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