Monday, April 4, 2011

The Intolerant Nature of Worldviews

by Ben Murch

Ah, the wonderful land of worldviews. Such pervasiveness. Such diversity! There are a myriad of worldviews out there. There is also a predominant idea that says whatever your worldview is, it must be tolerant of all other worldviews. Let’s keep it simple and take only two as examples because they are the predominate views in our culture today: Liberal Democrats and Conservative Republicans.

I was listening to certain conservative radio talk-show host who is know to debate “with half his brain tied behind his back, just to make it fair” and he was ranting and raving (sometimes with some good points to make) against the Democrats. He brought up the point: “We are for freedom, while they are not. We believe in the freedom for individuals to be anything they want, even be a liberal” I‘ll give him credit, there was some hesitancy, but perhaps he should use his whole brain from now on because that is absolutely untenable.

Interestingly, the liberals say similar things: they’re for freedom, they are the tolerant ones, the world would be a much better place if they were in power. There is this great struggle between these two worldviews, not only about socio-political matters, but about who is the most tolerant. It seems the idea is if one can prove their view is the all inclusive, all accepting, all loving, and absolutely tolerant view, as opposed to the other, then their view is of necessity, right, and the other wrong.

To state the obvious, however, I would like to note that there wouldn’t be a socio-political struggle between these two factions if they both (or even just one of them) were as tolerant as they say they are. If the liberals were free to be liberals, they would be free to enact every oppressive legislation they wish. We would likely all be running our houses of wind turbines, driving ugly electric cars,  and giving all of our money to the government for “fair” distribution. Because liberalism isn’t just an idea; it‘s an idea coupled with action. Being a liberal cannot be simply abstracted as only being and idea without consequences. All ideas have consequences.

So, what’s the point? The point is not simply to mention how both major worldviews in our day are philosophically delusional. All men have a worldview. All men think in terms of their worldview. All men act according to their worldview. What are your actions? They expose your worldview.

What does a worldview of Scripture alone look like? Does is look like the easygoing, socially irrelevant evangelicalism of today? Or does it look like individuals, families, associations, businesses, civil governments, yes, all of society, living according to the teachings of Scripture?  Because if a man has a Biblical worldview he will think in terms of it and act in terms of it, and because God’s Word is relevant for every aspect of life, his actions will be applied to every aspect of life. His actions will work towards the Christianization of the culture.

Any person, then, who is not applying his Christianity to every aspect of life has opted for an unbiblical worldview. Perhaps one thinks he can bled worldviews, take some republican, “Reagan“ conservatism for social polity, some liberal progressivism for the earth’s sake, and some Jesus for the soul (like a petroleum, spinach, and bio-waste smoothie ). These ideas do not mix. The Christian worldview is comprehensive.  To the degree you adopt another worldview’s policy, you forsake the Christian worldview. Which is the nice way of saying you have forsaken Christ as Lord of that particular area, claiming it is better governed by man. You have chosen man over God, blasphemy over worship.

The ideas of God are replaced for the ideas of man. The policies from God as revealed in His Word are replaced with the policies of man, and because man is depraved, you then have depraved ideas, bringing depraved policies which result in depraved actions and a corrupt society.

As a Christian you cannot tolerate the ideas of other worldviews. The Christian worldview, because it is comprehensive in scope, is exclusive of the opinions of other worldviews. Are we living like this is true? Sola Scriptura is not just an idea; it is a way of life.

This article was originally posted at Reformed Inquisitor

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