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Influential Kinist site Advocates the Ku Klux Klan

A recent kinist article used this picture
to advocate the Ku Klux Klan.
Recently, we wrote a piece comparing kinism with the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).  Obviously this comparison isn’t too far fetched., an influential kinist site, has an article endorsing the KKK called Total Depravity does not Imply Equal Depravity--and the Evidence.

The kinist view of racial superiority comes out explicitly in this piece as well.  Kinism is thus not just premised on racial segregationalism; according to the author's own words, kinism is also based on racial superiority. 

Here is how the article begins: 
An important article giving weight to the argument that Total Depravity does not imply Equal Depravity, a key concept for Kinism, by which it justifies its approach to wise discriminiation. The issue is also related to the practice of imprecatory prayers. Hope you will give it a read and let me know what you think. It’s not a scholarly treatment, but nevertheless is thoughtfully and carefully written.[1]
Note that “a key concept for Kinism” is that “Total Depravity does not imply Equal Depravity.”  This concept of unequal depravity is how kinism justifies “its approach to wise discrimination," that is, racial segregation.
In other words, kinists “wisely” discriminate against other races because other races are supposedly more depraved than whites. This view of white racial superiority is more harmonious with the Enlightenment’s scientific racism and Darwinian evolution than with biblical Christianity. 

The kinist article continues its discussion of "white racial superiority": 
How dare liberal bias and outright chicanery be exposed  using the same tactics of deception that liberals have used for years!? Another colored against white gang rape. Meanwhile, you can count the opposite occurrance on one hand. And yet another... Apparently these needed to film the episode, to bolster their reputation in the “community.” It’s never one-on-one, since Negroes don’t favor such odds against a white, male or female. The brutality of these incidents indicates that the motive is racial humiliation. They aren’t “rapes” or “ravishments” dear readers, they are methodical torture and psychological warfare. New Black Panther “activist” Quanell X thinks that it’s clearly racial bias that all the suspects arrested thus far are black. Apparently he’s unaware that the “differently abled” young black men (whom the media now predictably refer to as “boys” to curry sympathy) filmed and took pictures of their participation in the crime, and there weren’t any crackers present -well, except the pitiful victim.[2]
Like Darwinism, kinism holds that whites are
superior to other races. For Darwinism,
the reason is evolution; for kinism, the
reason is morality. In both cases, non-whites
are considered less human than whites.
The kinist piece then concludes with this proposed solution:

"Were there more of the following, there’d be far fewer of these horrifying hate crimes against white women:"[3]

Following these words is the KKK picture at the top of this article. Thus KKK terrorism, according to the author, is the solution.

Indeed, all cases of rape are abhorrent, and, according to Scripture, deserve the death penalty (Deuteronomy 22:25-27). However, according to biblical law, the punishment of rapists is to be carried out by the state (when proven in a court of law on the testimony of two or three witnesses [Deut. 19:15)--not by vigilantes. (This antinomianism is further evidence that kinism is not pro-theonomy, but anti-theonomy.) The state--not the lynch mob--is to terrorize evildoers (Romans 13:1-7).

One might suspect that the kinist author has an agenda, which is to appeal to sympathy 
in order to promote KKK terrorism--maybe even terrorism against the innocent. (Incidentally, appeals to sympathy to justify evil are "the same tactics of deception that liberals have used for years.") 
The KKK is not just an organization based on terrorizing blacks who rape whites. It is an organization dedicated to terrorizing all blacks in America (on one level or another)--whether or not they've committed a crime against whites. In short, the KKK is dedicated to fostering hate--and even hate crimes--against blacks.

Thus when one endorses KKK terrorism in order to avenge a crime, it's hard to believe he has a problem with KKK terrorism against innocent blacks (especially when he, being a kinist, hates blacks). Considering the heinousness of KKK terrorism against innocent blacks (or those of any race, for that matter), if the author does have a problem with such terrorism, endorsing the KKK on any level should have been the farthest thing from his mind. 

Similarly, if a violent crime was committed against a Muslim, and someone endorsed an Islamic terrorist organization in order to avenge that crime, then one would suspect that he does not have a problem with that Muslim group’s terrorism against innocent people, who are guilty of nothing more than being non-Muslim "infidels."

In short, to endorse the KKK 
for avenging rape is to tolerate its terrorism against the innocent, just as to endorse an Islamic terrorist organization for avenging a similar crime is to tolerate its terrorism against the innocent.

Of course, one might argue that the article only advocates the original KKK, and not the racist terrorism of the modern KKK. While we believe the original KKK was also a racist terrorist organization, supposing the author honestly believes otherwise, one would think that he would have distanced himself from the modern KKK and condemn its violence and hatred so he wouldn't be misunderstood.

In any case, we can't read the author's motives. But the contempt he expresses in his article for blacks is the very philosophy that fuels the modern KKK's atrocities. If kinism doesn't endorse KKK terrorism of the innocent, it's about one step away from it.

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Video contains racial slurs by KKK members

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