Friday, December 31, 2010

Theonomy Defended (by Glenn Peoples)

"Here Birnie argues (extremely briefly)
that Calvin was not a theonomists,
and nor were any of the Puritans,
and nor were the writers of the
Westminster confession of faith.
I think he is probably wrong, but for
now that doesn’t matter. ... This
question is of historical interest –
it might be fascinating to know what
Calvin thought about  the Law of God,
but the significance of this point ends
there. Theonomists tend to hold to the
principle of sola scirptura, not
sola Calvin." --Glenn Peoples
In this excellently written, concise, precise piece, Glenn Peoples point-by-point refutes a theonomy critique.

Theonomy Defended:

A Response to J. Esmond Birnie, 
“Testing the Foundations of Theonomy and Reconstruction”

By Glenn Peoples

The following anti-theonomy arguments are addressed:

  • “Deceptive Simplicity of theonomic Ethics”

  • Problems with the interpretative framework

  • Exact blueprint for criminal justice?

  • The wealth of nations

  • Calvin was no theonomist

  • The sociology of theonomy

  • Theonomists reluctance to accept that believers may have to suffer

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