Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Tenets of Biblical Patriarchy

Consistent theonomy not only affirms God's law for civil government, but all other spheres of life, including the family. 

According to Vision Forum, The Tenets of Biblical Patriarchy, "drafted by Phil Lancaster, with the advice and counsel of others, is offered in an attempt to clarify what we mean by 'biblical patriarchy.' We view this as an accurate working document, and invite feedback from anyone as we attempt to improve this statement over time."


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Anonymous said...

Many good things turn out to be in the link..., always curious about the use of the word 'gender'? a totally feminist term. Other terms that frighten me are 'institution' and 'society' etc...
The term is sex; by virtue of which men have acted in faith. Consider the patriarchs/not known for their 'family' most usually. And, often the wives and children are not known. That is, the authority(by virtue of imaging the immortal God) is in the man himself. They take wives(a RIGHT even Paul, called a eunuch, claimed)as they willed.
To mitigate the authority of fathers by the 'state' or 'church' is strange. Would you also say the authority of the state is checked by the man and the church? or the authority of the church by the state and the man...
if you answer no to any, then you intrude in privacy and kidnapping of the most onerous sort.
But, it is usual that most churches disregard Christ's warning not to lord it over anybody and enlarge themselves through the state and in envy to it's devices.
Trying to make a difinitive census and thus to control and account for all that God is doing, is exactly the problem of the world today. The state, or tribal council are not made in the Image of God as man is. They can never have the eternal rights he has.