Friday, November 5, 2010

Deuteronomy Commentary by Joe Morecraft, III

Commentary can be purchased at Boles Media.

The following is noted on this website:

"Because some of these publications are unproofed we are only asking for shipping and handling to be paid. If you are interested in bringing any of these items to completion, and publication please see the about us tab."

Chapter Titles:

Introduction to Deuteronomy
     Direct and Indirect Allusions to Old Testament Law in the New Testament
     Principles for Interpreting and Applying Biblical Law
     An Outline of Deuteronomy by Henry Krabbendam

The Acts of God

The Covenant Lord's Total Claim on His People

The Christian Life: Total Obedience to God

The Holy War Policy of the Church

God-Sufficiency versus Self-Sufficiency

Covenantal Salvation: By Grace, Not Works

The demands of Grace
     Sketch of the Tabernacle

True Obedience: Its Inter-relations, Reasons and Gracious Rewards

The True Worship of the Lord

The Consequences of Idolatry and Apostasy

     The Case for the Continuation of the Death Penalty for the Capital Offenses of the Old Testament

The Relationship of Holiness, Law and Life in the Christian Life
     How to Plan Your Funeral

The Law of the Tithe

Worship in A Debt-Free Society

The Celebration of Salvation in Christ

Civil Judges: Champions of Law
     New Testament Comments on Courts of Law

The Antithesis Between Divine Revelation and Human Wisdom

Biblical Laws on Killing and Landmarks

A Godly Military

Community Responsibility and the Authority of the Home

No Tampering with God's Order for Creation

The Holy Congregation of the Lord

The Godly Man and His Money and His Property

Laws of Divorce, Life, Liberty, Justice, Labor and Charity
     Divorce According to the New Testament

The Dignity, Preservation and Victory of Christian Man
     Some Important Biblical Principles for Economics
     Law and Life

Confession of Jehovah as Redeemer-King

Reaffirmation of Covenant Faithfulness

A Magnificent Declaration of Blessings and Curses
     Deuteronomy 28:49 and Tongue Speaking

The Oath of the Covenant

Biblical Law: The Guarantee of Life and Prosperity

The Continuity of God's Covenant

The Song of Moses

The Benediction of Moses

The Death of Moses


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