Saturday, October 30, 2010

Women Civil Magistrates (by Joe Morecraft, III)

Women Civil Magistrates?
by Joe Morecraft III

    How can anyone not like Sarah Palin?  How can anyone keep from admiring her as a mother of five and as a wife, for her apparent faith in Christ, her pro-life stand, her intelligence, her eloquence, her effectiveness as governor of Alaska, her love for moose hunting and her beauty, although she is not a constitutionalist.  I would take her over Obama, Biden, and McCain anytime.  She is a gifted, extraordinary Christian woman, who should not be running for Vice President of these United States anymore than she should be serving as Governor of Alaska.  I pray that God would give her a significant and Biblical role in the advance of His kingdom in her family, church and nation.
    I must say, however, that I question her wisdom in giving such whole-hearted support to John McCain for president in the light of his socialistic, unconstitutional and unbiblical, hence, unworkable, answers to America’s critical problems; and in the light of his long-standing pro-abortion track record on matters of judicial appointments, stem cell research, funding for Planned Parenthood, and more.
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