Thursday, September 2, 2010

Exodus Commentary by Joe Morecraft, III

Commentary can be purchased at Boles Media.

The following is noted on this website:

"Because some of these publications are unproofed we are only asking for shipping and handling to be paid. If you are interested in bringing any of these items to completion, and publication please see the about us tab."

Chapter Titles:
Abbreviated Outline of Exodus
A Visual Outline of Exodus
The Theme of Exodus
The Relation of the Mosaic Covenant to the Abrahamic Covenant
The Place of Exodus in the History of Redemption
The Authorship of Exodus
The Christian Church and the Old Testament
A Bibliography on Exodus
Moses in the New Testament
The Study of Old Testament Theology
An Extended Outline of Exodus
An Exposition of Exodus
A Chart of the Exodus Journey Through the Wilderness
Terrorism and God
The Mosaic Covenant
The Continuing Authority of the Case Laws
General Principles for Interpreting Biblical Law
Capital Punishment
Restitution in Everyday Relationships
The Sanctity of the Sabbath
Isaiah and Sabbath-Keeping
Jesus' Teaching on Sabbath-Keeping
The Westminster Larger Catechism on Sabbath Keeping
The Christian Sabbath: The First Day of the Week
John Calvin on the Christian Sabbath
The Eight Day in the Old Testament Calendar
Chart of the Tabernacle
Chart of the Tabernacle Furniture
The Purpose and Meaning of the Levitical Priesthood
The Different Offerings of the Tabernacle
The Revival of the Church and the Gory of God
The Fading Glory and the Surpassing Glory
The Glory-Cloud of God 

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