Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rev. Brian Abshire Writes Article Refuting Kinism

In addition to the recent refutations of kinism by Rev. Brian Schwertley and Providence Church, Rev. Brian Abshire has written an article refuting kinism titled "The Royal Race of the Reedemed."  Here are some excerpts from this excellent piece:

"The basic thesis is that the issue is never race – but always religion (and the culture derived from that religion). People are what they are because of their underlying beliefs about God and the culture that is built around them. …

"Our social disintegration that rightly deserves a Christian response is not a result of the massive influx of black, brown or yellow people leaving their traditional homelands – but because the gospel of Jesus Christ has not yet sufficiently changed people’s lives – neither theirs, nor “ours.” The cultures these people come from either have not received the gospel, or worked out its implications consistently in family, work, recreation, charity, etc. However, the United States would not have decayed into a socialist monstrosity unless Christians had lost sight of a full-orbed gospel. The solution then is not playing the “race card” – but rather in rediscovering a truly consistent Christian faith, and aggressive evangelism, verified by one’s own transformed life.

"The man, who confesses with me that Jesus is Lord, is my brother –regardless of the language he speaks, the lands where his ancestors lived, the amount of melanin in his skin, or the folds in his eyes. As my brother in Christ, he has every right to call on my love, and service – and I have a duty before God to stand beside him in adversity, encourage him in his sanctification and work with him in subduing the earth to the glory of God. As my beloved brother in Christ, he is welcome in my church and my home. When we stand together, united by ties stronger than blood, we have God’s own promise of victory (Eph 6:10ff). …

"The distinguishing mark of being a disciple of Jesus Christ is love for the brethren—the commitment to do what is right and good for another regardless of personal cost (John 13:35, 15:12, Rms 5:8). Therefore, any doctrine or practice that makes unlawful distinctions between Christians based on race, ethnicity or national origin is a violation of the Lord’s most basic commandment to be as one and love one another and hence, a disciplinable offense (Gal 3:28, Rms 14:10,19 Phil 2:1ff). …

"Because the Bible insists that there are no ontological distinctions between believers (Galatians 3:23-29), there cannot be an inherent moral objection to marriage between Christians of different ethnic or racial backgrounds. However, since Biblical marriage demands that the “two become one flesh” there may be pragmatic reasons why such marriages might be unwise; i.e., the more different the individuals are in culture, education, interests and values, the more difficult it might be for them to achieve the unity demanded by God in Christian marriage. However, such decisions are left by God to the families and individuals involved – they are no one else’s business or concern.    

"All Christians retain the right of “free association” in that it is lawful for them to choose the people with whom they wish to associate on a regular basis. However, they may not exclude other Christians from their fellowship, encouragement or love based on non-Biblical criteria such as race or ethnicity."

Brian Abshire, The Royal Race of the Redeemed (August 14, 2010, International Institute for Christian Culture)

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