Friday, July 23, 2010

Kinism and the Mixing of the Freckled and non-Freckled

Kinism, in its attempt to divide the body of Christ, resorts to arguing that, since God created different skin colors, then God does not want those of different skin colors to “mix” via marriage and on a societal level. (It is these kind of speculations we can expect from those who cannot defend their position biblically.)

Of course, to argue that physical differences warrant segregation, then to be logically consistent one must argue against the mixing between those of the following physical differences:

1) Those with curly hair and those with non-curly hair
2) Those with brown hair and those with black hair
3) Those with blue eyes and those with green eyes
4) Those with freckles and those without freckles
5) Those who are tall and those who are short

These arguments are absurd, but so is the argument that those of different skin colors should not “mix.” These arguments simply take the skin color argument to its logical conclusion.

God did not create physical distinctions in humanity in order to divide the body of Christ.

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