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Right with the Law?
by Daniel F.N. Ritchie
This succinct biblical defense of theonomy also answers a theonomy critic.

The Modified Dispensationalism of Greg Loren Durand Exposed
by Brian Schwertley
This comprehensive biblical defense of theonomy, which is an answer to a theonomy critic, also shows that theonomy is nothing new historically (e.g., the Westminster Standards are theonomic), and defends the reputation of R. J. Rushdoony, one of the greatest contributors to modern theonomic thought.

Political Polytheism
by Brian Schwertley
Why Christians should oppose religious pluralism and favor the civil enforcement of the first table of the law.

The Victory of Christian Culture
by Daniel F.N. Ritchie
An exposition of Isaiah 65:17-25.


Lord of Soul and State: The Duty of Christians to Mix Politics and Religion
by Michael H. Warren, Jr.
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Biblical Christianity includes acknowledging Christ as Lord over all, and acknowledging Christ as Lord over all means that Christians must uphold God's law in the political sphere.  This piece also includes a defense of biblical law against humanism.  

On the Lordship of Christ and the Future of the Constitution Party of Georgia
by Ricardo Davis
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Christ is the supreme political authority.  Therefore, Christians involved in politics must never yield to pragmatism but be uncompromising when it comes to submitting to Christ's authority.  This inspiring speech by the state chairman of the Constitution Party of Georgia is an example of this.

Lordship of Christ and the Separation of Church and State
by William Einwechter
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Explores different views of church and state held by Christians, and explains the biblical view.

Theonomy, the Westminster Confession, and Antinomianism: The Fallacies of Matthew Winzer
by Vindiciae Legis

This piece refutes a theonomy critic, Matthew Winzer, who holds that Greg Bahnsen's view of the law and sanctions are at odds with the Westminster divines, and that Bahnsen was guilty of an "antinomian fallacy."

The Bible opposes Socialism
by Steve C. Halbrook
Several succinct arguments on why the Bible opposes socialism.


Reformation and Resistance
by Adam Brink
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These notes trace the American concept of resistance to tyranny to elements of the Protestant Reformation.  Original source documents are covered.   

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