Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Book: "The Law is Good: A Defence of Judicial Calvinism" by Daniel F. N. Ritchie

The latest from theonomic scholar Daniel F. N. Ritchie is now available: "The Law is Good: A Defence of Judicial Calvinism."

From Ritchie's blog, "Reformed Covenanter":

"It is another response to criticism of Theonomy, similar in style (though different in content) to my reply to Revd Maurice Roberts.  Being only 266 pages long, it should be ideal for those wanting a brief, accurate defence of the position. ..."

"The Revd John Otis had this to say in the foreword:

"'Daniel Ritchie continues to be one of the Reformed Faith’s best advocates for an accurate and biblical understanding of theonomy…The Law is Good, is a very good, cogent, and well-documented work.'

"This work contains numerous quotes from the Calvinistic Reformers, the Puritans of England and New England, and the Scottish Covenanters.  Particular attention should be paid to the views of the Cameronians, especially Donald Cargill and Alexander Shields, and even to American RP ministers as late as the 19th century, such as Alexander McLeod and James Renwick Willson.  Modern Covenanters should find this most enlightening."

Foreword by John M. Otis
Chapter One: Maximum or Mandatory Punishments?
Chapter Two: Theonomy and the First Table of the Law
Chapter Three: The Theonomic Definition of Crime
Chapter Four: The Establishment Principle and Theonomy
Chapter Five: The Westminster Confession: A Problem for Theonomy?
Chapter Six: Scripture Alone and the Place of Historical Arguments
Appendix One: Theonomy’s Confessional Integrity and Theonomy’s Critics
Appendix Two: Great Bible Commentators and Biblical Law
Appendix Three: The Westminster Assembly and the Equity of the Judicial Law by Greg L. Bahnsen
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