Friday, March 5, 2010

Theonomists who have Condemned the Federal Vision (updated)

Despite the fact that many influential theonomists (i.e., contributors to theonomic thought) have not publicly condemned the Federal Vision, a few—although not nearly enough—have.  We want to recognize and thank the following influential theonomists for defending the Gospel against the dangerous counterfeit gospel of the FV: 

1) Joe Morecraft

RPCUS pastor Joe Morecraft has been actively teaching and promoting theonomy along with such men as R.J. Rushdoony and Greg L. Bahnsen since the early days of last century’s great theonomic revival.  Morecraft has preached many important sermons about theonomy.  One of his greatest contributions to theonomic thought is his book, “With Liberty and Justice for All: Christian Politics Made Simple.” 

Morecraft is part of the RPCUS, the world’s only officially theonomic denomination.  The very year the FV reared its heretical head, Morecraft and other RPCUS leaders issued a sobering “Call to Repentance” to FV proponents, where FV views were condemned as heretical.

2) Brian Schwertley

WPCUS pastor Brian Schwertley frequently preaches on theonomy, and has authored the very important theonomic work, “Political Polytheism.” While a theonomist himself, Schwertley has also played an important role in critiquing problems within theonomic circles, such as in his sermons titled, “Christian Reconstruction: What’s Good, What’s Bad.” 

Schwertley is one of the most vocal and persistent critics of the FV.  He has written one of the most important critiques of the FV, titled “Auburn Avenue Theology: A Biblical Analysis.”  Schwertley also has several important sermons refuting the FV (see also this sermon archive).

3) Daniel F.N. Ritchie

Daniel F.N. Ritchie numbers among the next generation of theonomic writers.  He is one of the leading--if not the leading--scholars on theonomy.  He has written several short books on theonomy, including an excellent basic scriptural defense of theonomy titled, “Right with the Law?”  Ritchie has also written the almost 800-page systematic theology of biblical civil government, “A Conquered Kingdom: Biblical Civil Government.

In an appendix to "A Conquered Kingdom" titled "Federal Vision Disclaimer," Ritchie condemns the FV and refutes the alleged linkage between FV and theonomy.  Ritchie is not timid in calling FV propnents for what they are: advocates of a damnable heresy (see, for example, Ritchie's review of "Danger in the Camp").

4) Paul Michael Raymond

Pastor Paul Michael Raymond has been active in promoting theonomy in many arenas.  This includes preaching, maintaining the website “The Institute for Theonomic Reformation,” writing commentaries for “Covenant News” and the “New Geneva Leadership” blog, and serving as dean of New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy.

 Raymond has gone on record with Theonomy Resources as an opponent of FV doctrine.

5) RPCUS pastors

In addition to recognizing Joe Morecraft, we want to recognize all pastors of the RPCUS, which opposes the FV.  Being a denomination--and a theonomic one at that--the RPCUS has an important influence on theonomic thought. Along with Morecraft, RPCUS pastors include:

John M. Otis (Otis authored “Danger in the Camp,” perhaps the most comprehensive refutation of the FV ever written)
Chris Strevel
Charles Lowery
Jeff Black
Wayne Rogers
Henry Johnson
Paul McDade
Christopher C. Marks
Jess Stanfield
William Far

--If we have overlooked any influential theonomists who have publicly condemned the FV, we encourage our readers to let us know.  

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futuredoctor2014 said...

Christopher C. Marks is not an ordained pastor in our denomination yet. He hopes to be one day. Although he does give a short sermon in the afternoon. He is still a candidate for the ministry.