Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Refutation of "Judicial Warfare" (Brian Schwertley)

1) Written Version:
"The Modified Dispensationalism of Greg Loren Durand Exposed" (Brian Schwertley)

INTRO:  "In 2007 this author did a series of lectures on the judicial laws of Israel in which a number of comments from Greg Loren Durand’s book and e-mails were criticized as “a modified form of dispensationalism.” These criticisms of Loren’s teachings on the law have caused great ire on his part and I have been accused of misrepresenting his positions. Mr. Durand has even devoted a section of his website claiming that I have committed a “grievous sin” against him. 

"Since I still regard Durand’s views to be outside the pale of Reformed orthodoxy, I would like to lay out some of his ideas and let the reader decide if they indeed are orthodox. After a look at some of his strange heterodox teachings, there will be a section on the abiding validity of the Old Testament moral laws. This section alone refutes his doctrine on the law."

2) Audio Version

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