Thursday, February 4, 2010

"National Socialism: Right Wing, Left Wing, or Both?" (Steve C. Halbrook)

Those on the left and right endlessly attack one another for being “Nazis,” or “National Socialists.” However, National Socialism was based on core philosophies of each.

Like the right, the National Socialists adopted a militaristic, nationalistic state. Like the left, the National Socialists adopted a socialistic state.

And so, right wing nationalism+left wing socialism= National Socialism.

Thus in America, policies of both right and left wing politicians combine to foster a National Socialistic-type state.

This is not to say that the left and the right in America are exactly like the Nazis. But the similarities are far from insignificant.

Nationalism and socialism (wherever they may be found) each radically expands the state’s power of the sword, which expands the state’s ability to attack other nations, as well as to commit genocide—just as the Nazis did.

The left and right’s similarities to National Socialism are not just in these points: Darwinism, which influenced the Nazis to commit genocide, also influences the left and right (each to varying degrees) to promote infanticide.

National Socialists approved of sodomy (and their leadership was infected by it), as do the left and right (again, to varying degrees). National Socialists believed the state was the solution to nation’s problems, as do the left and the right (in one way or another).

The ultimate problem is that like the National Socialists, the left and right deny Christ is Lord over all (including civil government), and refuse to conform their political platform to His law.

Unless they repent, they will continue leading the nation down a path of destruction. God does not bless national rebellion. The history of mankind testifies to this.

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