Monday, February 8, 2010

"Enslaving Freedom" (Chris Strevel)

"You must declare this war, Christian man. You must hold out your hands to Christ and ask him to shackle you with his grace, his love, and the purity that comes from union with him. If you do not, you will be easy prey for a freedom that enslaves.

"I start with you, men, because you are the key. A blood-washed conscience sets you free to serve the living God. It enables you to interact honestly with your sons about living in this mess. It gives a reality to your gospel entreaties, especially if you, by God’s grace, are not simply a survivor but also an overcomer. It portrays God-ordained sexuality in the beauty and consecration of marriage. It helps you boldly resist Satan’s first thresholds to the plantation of slavery: the entertainment complex, the indiscriminate, non-chaperoned mixing of the sexes, and the artificial marketing creation of being a “teenager,” with its seductively advertised right to libertinism, experimentation, and sexual gratification without condemnation or consequences."

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