Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Does the Bible Support Slavery?: Part 2" (Gary DeMar)

"The enslavement of pagan nations under the Old Covenant was tied to the jubilee laws described in the same chapter. The jubilee was fulfilled in principle by Jesus (Luke 4) and abolished historically when Israel as a nation ceased to exist with the destruction of its religious and civil governments in A.D. 70. Slavery of heathen nations was tied to the special character of the land of Israel in the same way that distribution of the land of Israelite families was tied to the special redemptive character of the land."

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(Disclaimer: Although American Vision itself doesn't promote the dangerous Federal Vision heresy, it does promote the works of some influential Federal Vision proponents, such as Douglas Wilson and James Jordan. Whether or not any of their particular works sold by American Vision promote Federal Vision theology, Wilson and Jordan are extremely dangerous, and American Vision should warn about them [see Romans 16:17-18].)

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