Monday, July 25, 2016

New Book "Freedom" by Kevin Swanson

Freedom Book from Kevin Swanson on Vimeo.

"Our freedoms are disappearing in the Western world.  Big government tyranny is on the rise just about everywhere. Some Christians are going to jail in America for their faith, and others are fined in excess of $100,000 for refusing to violate their consciences in matters like homosexual weddings. Christian leaders are encouraging civil disobedience.

"True freedom is only possible by the blood of Jesus Christ. It is a substantial freedom that gives birth to other substantial freedoms, and millions are blessed when tyrannies are systematically overthrown. In this seminal book on freedom from a Christian perspective, Kevin Swanson first defines the term and then he traces the struggle for freedom through biblical times and church history. Included here is the exciting story of the development of Western liberties over 2,000 years. You will read of the battle for the Magna Carta, the Scottish War for Independence, the Dutch War for Independence, the battle for religious liberties in the 17th century, and America’s War for Independence and the Bill of Rights."

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Police Shootings, Crime, & Unjustified Homicides - How Media Bends the Truth (Generations Radio)

"Politicians and media alike gain power by inspiring fear in their constituents.  The latest Republican strategy works off of crime statistics, while the Democrats work off of their global warming stats.  So what are the real trends concerning police shootings, crime, and unjustified homicides?  We take a look at the data, and then warn our audience not to give way to the hype, the diversions, that take attention off of the real problems. Are you being taken by the media hype from Fox News or CNN?"

Friday, July 15, 2016

Inheritance Tax - The State's War on the Family (Joel Saint)

Law Enforcement in the Scriptures

The website for the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers -- USA includes a post with a list from Scripture "where the role, service, office, or type of law enforcement officers" is said to be "found either implicitly or explicitly." One may or may not agree with all of the author's interpretations of the passages given, but the list is interesting.

Read the list here