Thursday, February 26, 2015

Shall Alabama Submit to Federal Jurisdictions? - Judge Roy Moore vs. Russell Moore (Generations Radio)

"Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Committee on Ethics presses state officials to submit to the higher magistrate in every case, including same-sex marriage.   Meanwhile, Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore appears more motivated than the other Moore, to provide exemptions for state officials from onerous federal court mandates.  

"But what will happen should the U.S. Supreme Court force the states to provide marriage licenses to a man and his pig?   Kevin Swanson introduces the doctrine of interposition, from historic Christian writings on this edition of the program."

John Calvin, John Knox, George Gillespie, and Samuel Wylie on the Regulative Principle of the State

Our friend Michael Daniels has a graphic on his site (Mint, Anise and the Cumin) with quotes from John Calvin, John Knox, George Gillespie, and Samuel Wylie advocating the regulative principle of the state. 

Read the post here.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Greater Good (A Documentary on Individual Rights and Vaccinations)

While this is not coming from a distinctly Christian perspective, this is an excellent, eye-opening documentary about the dangers of vaccinations.

Learn more about the video here

Ben Carson Calls for Forced Vaccines - Measles and Mass Hysteria (Generations Radio)

"The measles have produced four deaths in ten years, and another 100+ have contracted the disease. Why all the mass hysteria? Here's a rule of thumb. You don't change policy for 350,000,000 people on the basis of four deaths, unless you are Senator C. Little. Republican Presidential candidate, Ben Carson wants mandatory vaccinations, no religious or philosophical exemptions. 

"But what is the biblical basis for government interference in these matters. Kevin Swanson shares biblical wisdom, and recommends that Christians vote on the basis of parental rights. Do parental rights matter more than the abortion issue, in the ballot box? Interesting discussion on this edition of the program."