Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Peter Leithart Trial is Next Week

By Wes White

[Editor's note: for an analysis of Leithart's dangerous theology, see Sean Gerety's piece, Peter Leithart and the PCA's Failure to Deal with the Federal Vision]

On June 3–4, Pacific Northwest Presbytery (PNW) will conduct a trial to determine whether or not Federal Visionist Peter Leithart has views contrary to the Westminster Standards. Here is a timeline of how it happened:

1.      April 22, 2005 — PNW receives a study committee report on Federal Vision theology in which it determines that Peter Leithart’s views “on the whole, affirms the teaching of the Confession and Catechisms where there is a direct correspondence of issues between his thinking and topics covered in our Standards” (Download here).
2.    June 13, 2007 — The 35th General Assembly passes the report of its Ad Interim Study Committee on Federal Vision.
3.     June 14, 2007 — TE Peter Leithart writes to the Stated Clerk of PNW to set forth his views on the issues raised in the General Assembly’s Federal Vision Report.
4.   October 4, 2007 — PNW erects a committee to investigate TE Leithart’s fitness to continue as a PCA minister.
5.     October 2, 2008 — PNW adopted the committee’s recommendation to find TE Leithart in accord with the Westminster Standards and rejected a minority report asserting the opposite.
6.    October 21, 2008 — Several members of PNW complain against PNW’s exoneration of TE Leithart.
7.    November 20, 2008 — PNW’s Judicial Commission denies the complaint against the exoneration of TE Leithart.
8.       April 23, 2009 — PNW adopts the recommendation of its Judicial Commission.
9.     May 18, 2009 — Complainants complain to the General Assembly against PNW’s exoneration of TE Leithart.
10.   November 11, 2009 — A panel of the Standing Judicial Commission (SJC) of the General Assembly hears the complaint against PNW.
11.    December 9, 2009 — The SJC panel recommends that the complaint against PNW be sustained (Download here).
12.  January 20, 2010 — Federal Visionist Jeffrey J. Meyers publishes the supplemental brief of TE Rob Rayburn (the PNW respondent, defending PNW’s decision to exonerate) claiming that TE Rayburn “nails the SJC.”
13.  March 11, 2010 — The SJC adopts the panel decision and sustains the complaint against PNW’s exoneration of TE Leithart.
14.    April 23, 2010 — PNW receives the SJC decision and opts to counsel Peter Leithart per BCO 31-7.
15.   October 8, 2010 — PNW institutes process against TE Peter Leithart and appoints TE Jason Stellman as prosecutor.
  16.    June 3–4, 2011 — PNW will hold a trial against TE Peter Leithart.

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